Airgo certified in cabin crew and inflight services

Air Hostesses (also known as stewards, cabin crew, or flight attendants) are employed by the airlines for the comfort and safety of passengers. As simple and appealing as an Air Hostess’ job may appear, it necessitates extensive training, good interpersonal skills, and patience. Those who enjoy traveling and are good with people may find this a rewarding career path.

If you want to work in the aviation industry as an air hostess, there are several air hostess courses which you can pursue after 12th grade. You can pursue a diploma program from Airgo to gain industry-specific skills.


The course curriculum for air hostesses and cabin crew involves training candidates in various aspects of the flight, aircraft and the airport

Exit Profiles

Cabin Crew, Passenger/Baggage Handling, Customer service Inflight service &security

Silent Features

Certified Faculty, Placement Assistance, E-Learning System, Semester Exams, Internships, Practical Sessions, Practice and Theory sessions, Easy Installments, Job-oriented, Industry-centric Curriculum, Industry Exposure.